Red Apps

Some AV software is flagging exe's created by the Red toolchain as suspected threats.
These are false positives and are NOT viruses. These bad virus scanners are a problem.
AVG, Avira seem to be the worst of them, but are not alone. Until we can do something 
about this nuisance, the best thing to do is to add  a working folder to their 'settings, 
exceptions' section - then everything in that folder will not get false positives.

There have also been reports of Defender flagging Red exes as trojans or viruses. 
In some cases when 
zip files containing exe files created with Red,    Defender gives a  
trojan warning and instantly removes them.  
Let's be clear about this, The Red toolchain is clean 
and all of my apps are also completely clean and virus/trojan free.  
Defender in some cases is 
wrongly flagging the exe files created with Red. 

Solutions for now are ....
Go to 'Settings' then 'Update & Security' then 'Windows Security' then find 'Virus & threat protection settings'. 
Now you can temporarily disable these ....
Real-time protection can be turned off, it will turn back on itself after a short while.
Cloud-delivered protection can also be turned off here.
and/or ....
1) Open 'Windows Defender settings' (Win Key, search for  'Defender').
2) Now select 'Virus & Threat Protection'
3) Now select 'Exclusions'
4) And add an exclusion for the file/exe/zip  that's being falsely flagged - then another exclusion for 
your red working folder.

You can be confident that all my apps are completely virus free.
Red Image Viewer                                               added 20/02/2019  

;;;; An image viewer with a few extra features .... Try it ....
;;;; Features Include ....
;;;; Displays 'bmp' 'jpg' 'png 'gif'
;;;; Display filename of image in bottom right corner,  or not ....
;;;; Choose time between slideshow images ....
;;;; Set Slideshow to off, to step through images one by one ....
;;;; The keyboard 'P' will pause an image ....
;;;; The keyboard 'R' will resume slideshow ....
;;;; There's also an option to  'Hide images in folder'....  And of course to 'Un-Hide' them ....

Put it into a folder with images and see how it works !

Tested on Windows 8 and 10  without any problems ....

The password to the app is red2019

Red checksum getter & checker                      added 14/11/2018
;;;;  Once compiled it's a quick way to compute the checksum of files, along with their file size.
;;;;  A checksum getter and checker.
;;;;  Displays the name of file being checked, it's checksum and its file size.
;;;;  Buttons for MD5, SHA1, SHA256, SHA384, SHA512, CRC32, TCP and Save to text file.

Get the complete script from my 'Example Red Scripts' page.
Red Frogster game                                                added 06/06/2018
A Red version of the classic Frogger game. Just for fun.
The Script for this one is on my  'Example Red Scripts'  page.
The zip contains a compiled version plus all the assets required for it to work.
Note: This one uses the keyboard. 
Tested with Win 10, PC, Laptop, Tablet(with keyboard).
Use:   up, down, left, right,  keys.

Try it: Frogster
More to the Drag/Drop Gui maker            added 02/05/2018
The latest version of my drag/drop GUI maker 'version 2.9'. update 16/05/2018
More added ....
More properties and more widgets in this one.
I made new  Load and Save dialogue boxes to keep everything in the default(program) folder.
The 'backdrop' changes background colour, the 'Title' changes the title, 'Save it' saves the script, the 'Try it' runs the script, the 'Clear it' clears the layout area.
Improved the code view window which is updated when the widget is dragged or edited from the popup.
The simple Code View editor allows you to edit and interpret your script.
Drag a face onto the layout area and click to register it, a properties edit window will pop up. More properties and more widgets added.  
The important thing with this one is that when the button is dragged onto the layout area, a single click on the widget  face is needed to register it, the edit properties window will then also popup. 
Try it.  I promised the script for it.  Will post it when I've done a little more to it. 
I will be adding more to this one soon, so keep looking.
Any issues with it, please let me know.
My custom dialogue boxes now allow  'Load' from or 'Save' to the default (program)  folder only. 
Works fine with Win 10.  PC, Laptop and Tablet.
Try it:  dragDrop
Gui Drag-n-Drop        added 13/03/2018
An experiment and extension to a Gregg Irwin example,  again with this one, just for fun.
It allows you to drag and drop widgets to a layout grid, Then the 'Save it' button will save the
generated script,  the 'Try it' button will allow you to run the script and the 'Clear it' button will clear the
layout page.  There's a lot more that could be added to this one,
I added the script to my 'Example Red Scripts' page.
Regards ....

Get the script here: dropper

My New Red Roulette Game       added 11/02/2018
A while back, I did a Red Roulette game.
Here is a much improved version of my 'Red Roulette Game'
Back then it was Red ver. 0.6.0. and I had to improvise with sound.
I used the Rebol interpreter to play the sound effects. 

Now we are on ver. 0.6.3 - it's much better. Still some improvisation needed,
but here I have a much more robust version of that same roulette game. 
Sound effects and Animations are embedded within the single execute file.
So you just need the 'RedRoulette.exe' file and nothing more to run it.
A single exe, Simply unzip to your desktop and go.  Try it ....
Windows Only for now, but will be adding some Mac pages soon ....


Get it here: RedRoulette

My Red Faux Compiler           added 16/01/2018
It's a sort of Red compiler, It will create a folder containing an executable and your script.
It allows you to select your Red script then choose a 'Windows' or 'Dos' compile.
Within a second you will have a folder with your red script and an exe to run it. 
Smoke and Mirrors ....
So, if you have a script called '' it will create a folder called 'hello' containing 
an executable called 'hello.exe' and your '' script. 
The folder is totally portable and needs no other resource. 
IMPORTANT - Just make sure everything is in the same folder.
Get it here: fauxCompiler
My RedRunner               added 02/11/2017 
Runs your red scripts - all you need is RedRunner.exe in a folder with Red scripts.
Reads all the Red scripts in the folder in to the text list. Choose and click 'Run Script'.
Get it here:  RedRunner
My File and Folder Hider                added 18/10/2017 

Hide files and folders with 'Hider.exe'.
A folder called 'FolderVault' needs to be in the hider folder along with Hider.exe.
Just put the files and folders you want hidden into the 'FolderVault' folder and click on Hider.exe.

Tested on Win 10 - PC, Laptop and Tablet.



get it here: hider

My New Sound Player                added 04/10/2017 

This is an improved version of my mp3 player. This one plays mp3 and wav files.
No need for any sound engine here, it just needs the player and some sound files.
Make sure you have some mp3  and/or  wav files in the folder.
A graphic is embedded in the exe.

Tested on Win 8.1 and Win 10, seems ok ? 

Get it here: newPlayer

Or the script is here:  playerScript

My Real Body Age App               added 24/09/2017

Discover how your lifestyle affects your body's biological age
by answering a few simple questions.
Lifestyle can affect a body's biological age.
Your real age score should give an approximate understanding of your health.
You'll need to know your height in 'feet and inches' and your weight in 'stones and lbs'.


        Get it here:  realBodyAge


My Red Number Puzzle               added 10/09/2017

A sliding numbers puzzleClick a number next to the blank, to move it.
See the ReadMe.txt ....    Script is in the zip file ....     
Get it here: PuzzleGame
Here's a more difficult version, also included in the zip.
My Red Glamour Model quiz          added 15/08/2017

A quiz based on UK glamour and page three models, past and present.
Again I used: SAPI (Speech Application Programming Interface)
Buttons to switch Voice on or off are included (it can get annoying).
Compiled with Red-063.    A bit of fun.   Get it here: GlamQuiz

My Red Talking Alarm Clock          added 01/08/2017

VoiceAlarm is a Speaking alarm clock.
It Speaks the time when the set time is reached.
but with a little extra for the voice.

It uses SAPI (Speech Application Programming Interface) object.

I've also included the Red script in the 
I tend to avoid releasing scrips when I think they could confuse more than help, 
but I think/hope you find this is pretty straight forward.
I tested it with Win 7, Win 8, Win 8.1, Win 10.  All seems to work fine.
Get it here: VoiceAlarm

RedEd                                                                                      added 12/02/2017
A simple Red editor with 'Interpret' and 'Compile' options .... No set-up and No messing about, Just unzip it and your ready to go .... Simple, No Nonsense .... Write, interpret and compile ..... 

Written using a 'Red Jan2017' automated build.  For Windows.
Interpret,  Dev and -r Release mode compiles are easy from within the editor.
Size of editor exe is 755 Kb   and   Just over 200 lines of Red script.

I tested it with Windows 7, 8 and 10 - Desktop, Laptop and Tablet .... 

It's a work in progress, so more will be added to it when i get time.

Get it here:    

AutoRed                          new improved version added  08/02/2017
Written using Red's latest automated build. (this was written just for a bit of fun, but could be useful)
This gives you some 'Interpret and Compile' options without having to use the cmd prompt. It makes it easy to use any text editor (even 'notepad') to write scripts with easy Interpret/Compile buttons. 

Using it is simple - just make sure everything is in the same folder, i.e. the Red exe, your Red script etc. and of course the AutoRed.exe. Then just have it waiting in the corner of your screen. Once the red.exe and your have been entered, you just need to remember to save your code, then just choose your 'Interpret/Compile option' .... See the readmeFirst.txt in the zip file.


Red Watch

This one was compiled using the latest Automated build .... 
I embedded the graphic in the exe .... Download
See the readmefirst.txt in the folder ....

To see my complete script for this , go here and scroll down the page:  Example scripts


Red Quiz Game
The .exe is pure 'RED ver: 0.6.0' and only needs the 'questions.txt' file to work .... 
All other files are for the sound .... and uses the Rebol interpereter ....
At the time of development there was no sound in 'RED' so I had to improvise .... So if you want the thrill of full sound, you'll need the Rebol files ....  But the 'exe' will run without any of the rebol files, you just wont have sound .... Download
Just make sure you have the 'questions.dat' file in the program folder or you'll get nothing .... See the 'READMEFIRST.txt' file for more info ....

See my: Example Scripts  for an idea of how it's done.


Red Invaders Game
This one was also written with 'RED ver: 0.6.0' .... A Classic 'shoot-em-up' with lots of movement, colour and sound .... Again sound is handled by calling the Rebol interpreter ....
Note: I have found that Tablet use (screen tap)  gameplay is much easier, so choose a more difficult level from the intro screen ....  Download


Red Roulette Game
Another one written using 'RED ver: 0.6.0' .... This is a 'russian roulette game' with sound and graphics .... Once again the Rebol interpreter is in the folder to handle sound effects ....  Download


Red Clock
This one was in anticipation of 'Red ver: 0.6.1' .... I used a recent 'automated build' to compile it .... See my Red Programming page 
for the script .... or get the exe here: Download


Regarding apps that have sound
If you have problems with sound not playing, you may need to run the 'Rebol' console just once to get things going.

I tested these with Windows 7, 8, 8.1 and 10 with no problems .... Also on Desktop, Laptop and Tablet .... for slower cpu's killing the sound either from within the game or by removing 'rebol-view-278-3-1.exe' from the folder will make a difference ....

Copyright (C) for all of my programs belongs to me. Alan Brack. All rights reserved." .... I am happy for you to try them for personal use only .... Any questions please email me.

DISCLAIMER: My programs are supplied 'as is' with no guarantee of them working in all situations -  There are no expressed or implied warranties of any kind regarding these programs. 'Use at your own risk'