Q & A

These are questions that have been emailed to me ....
I answer all of them.
I have cleared a lot of this page as it is related to earlier builds .... 

Q: Hi, been looking on your great site, there's so much to try out, hoping for anything new for Rebol or Red programming, Please show some more examples. 
A: Sure, I've been on holiday, will be adding more stuff soon ....

Q: Hi, Alan,
just enjoyed your Red samples. I was wondering if you could supply a more advanced sample, such as a window with a tab-panel(and a few tabs).
A: Sure, just added a 'tab-panel' example on my 'Red Programming' page, will be adding more over the next few weeks.

Q: Hello, I tried your VB game, very nice. Are you still working with VB?  and will you show more VB examples?  - You dont seem to be adding any VB things.
A: I used to do a lot with Visual Basic, but recently have become more interested in other things, I may remove the VB page from my site soon. But there are plenty of resources to be found for VB programming.

Q: Hello, The AutoRed program looks interesting, could I have the source?  Thanks in advance.
A: Thanks for your interest, I will add the source on my site later today.

Q: Hi Alan, I'm Sandra, I chatted with you a few times, Could you give me a few tips on Collision Detection in Red ? - documentation is still limited and I try not to bother the developers to much.
A: Hello Sandra, yes they have a lot to do, I always try to work things out myself and only ask them as a last resort. 
For collision detection, You should be looking at:  within?  and/or  overlap? 
i.e.  if overlap? a b [print "Collided"]   ;; where a and b are your colliding faces.
Let me know how you get on.

Q: Hi Alan, thanks for the message on the google forum, your programmers guide and your examples pages are excellent. was ready to give up, but it got me going with red again, Lots to work on. 
A: No problem, just keep going, It is an awesome programming language, I have some new apps i'm working on, all built with Red. Keep watching.

Q: Hi , I have to say this site is so user friendly.  I love the Red sections, all shown in a different way to other sites, You seem to be interested in helping new coders ? 
A: Sure, I've recently been doing some teaching - schools and colleges, I found that there's a different way that novice programmers see things, and that's why i do things the way i do.  A lot of schools and colleges here in the UK are pushing 'Python' - and that's good,   but I've been showing some of them 'Red' and they get it, they know how quick Red can be to create something usable. 
Anyway, Keep looking.

Q: Hey you, just to say i am loving your site, plenty of interesting stuff to look at. Keep up the good work. 
A: Thanks for looking.

Q: Hello Alan, Nice site. I like that new Red mp3 player, so simple  - Anything new in the pipeline ? - regards. Dave.
A: Thanks Dave - Plenty more  to come soon, just keep looking.

Q: Hi, I found your page with red gui examples. I'm interested in more complex applications like your red ed editor. Is code for it publicly available ?   If not could you tell me how can I create view with active maximise button.  
A: Thanks for looking.  I did not release the code for my more complex apps as I thought it might be more confusing than helpful to novice programmers. But might tidy it up and post later. 
Here's how to resize/max a view: 
Red [needs: 'view]
view/flags [size 400x300 title "Max and resize"] 'resize

Q: Hello, you do not get involved with many of the Red community and discussion groups. hope you do not mind me asking, but why do you not get involved with them.  congratulations on  an awesome website btw.
A: Thanks, glad you like my site. As for getting involved, I like to work alone, for me part of the buz is to work things out for myself. If I'm really stuck I will ask, but I mostly just like to try to understand it on my own. 

Q: Hello, I was going through some of your code examples and found one that gives an error. I'm new to programming, so it's possible I did something wrong.  Thanks for the great Red tutorials.
Red [needs: 'view]
view [field 100x30  hint "Enter some text"]
A: Hi, yes 'hint' is new, it needs the latest build. Try using the latest automated build.                           regards ....

Q: Hi, I tried your apps, just brilliant, I mean great work, please show us more.  
A: Thanks, plenty more to come. Just keep looking.

Q: Hi, How can I send one or more keystrokes to an active window as if they were typed at the keyboard. 
A: Sure, A good one, I added the answer here:  http://www.mycode4fun.co.uk/example-scripts

Q: The keys go thu and calculations take place. but I get this in the red console window;
*** Script Error: delete has no value
*** Where: act
Other than that it works. Thank you.
A:The error is because 'delete' is very new . You need the latest automated build and it will work.

Q: I have noticed the Red team are being much more shitty recently, not so respectful with the answers to  questions, making us new programmers feel stupid ? 
A:Yes, it always happens, as more success comes, the superiority complex arrives, Just forget it and do what you need to do, Red is still the way to go, you are always welcome to ask me.

Q: Nice site - More Rebol things please.  
A: Thanks, Yes, will add some more Rebol soon.

Q: Great work, I notice  a lot of  Red scripts from others are blatant  copies of  yours and you don't get a lot of credit for your excellent work,  not a nice situation ? 
A: Hi, Yes, It always happens, but don't worry. I never release anything important.

Q: I have learned a lot from this site, am always interested in what's new here.  thanks for all your excellent work. 
A: Hi, Thank you, pleased it's helpful.

Q: Hey,  Just an observation - All of your stuff is very good, but I have noticed that there are some who are blatantly ripping off your code, you post something and a little while after a new version appears elsewhere.  You do all the work and one of these tits try to benefit from it. 
A: Hi, Yes it happens, but I only release the simple stuff, so they're welcome to it  - the best is yet to come and it will be worth waiting for.