Rebol Programming

Rebol Language
I found Rebol about a year or so ago and just loved it. It is so easy to use.
Rebol is a joy to use ... The design principles are "to do simple things in simple ways"  and 'rebol-view-278-3-1.exe' is the one to get: .... Also Tutorials and documentation can be found there.
A single tiny exe with no need to install, and no dependencies. 
No compiler comes with it, but still an excellent way to write programs.  And if you really need to, there are a few easy ways to package scripts into an exe. Email me if you need to know how to do it.
Lots of script examples and help for this programming language on the net. 
The tiny rebol exe even has its own text editor built in, just type 'editor "" ' in the rebol console to get a nice little text editor to write your scripts.
Of course, you can use a text editor of your choice if you prefer.

Try this excellent: Rebol site.
Also try the Red Language here: Red Programming

;example 1:
Rebol[ ]  view layout [text "Hello world!" button "Quit" [quit]]

;example 2:
Rebol[ ]  
    view layout [ 
                        button  "Quit" [quit]
                        text "rebol is good"

;example 3:
Rebol [ ]
view layout[t: h1 red black (to string! now/time) 
            rate 1 feel[engage: [t/text: now/time show t]]

;example 4:
;;;; An image viewer - make sure you have some image files in the folder.
Rebol [ ]
folder: read %.
count: 0
foreach file folder [ 
    foreach ext [".jpg" ".gif" ".png" ".bmp"] [ 
        if find file ext [
        i: load file
        view layout[title "Image Viewer" below    
        t: text font-size 12 "Click or Tap image>>"
        image i [unview]
        count: count + 1        
if count = 0 [view layout [h1 "No files found in folder !"]]

;example 5:
REBOL [title: "Calculator"] 
view layout [ 
     f: field 190x40 font-size 20  across
     style b button 40x40 [append f/text face/text show f] 
     b "1"  b "2"  b "3"  b " + "  return 
     b "4"  b "5"  b "6"  b " - "  return 
     b "7"  b "8"  b "9"  b " * "  return 
     b "0"  b "."  b " / "  b "=" [ 
     attempt [f/text: form do f/text show f] 

;example 6:
Rebol [ ]
view layout [ below h1 "Hello" h2 "Hello" h3 "Hello" h4 "Hello" h5 "Hello"]


If you need help, just email me and I'll try to help.